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Wooden Shelf & Hook Style Unit

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Each of our larger Home Collection pieces are one off handmade items made in our workshop.


Colour: Antique White

Material: Recycled Pallet Wood

Includes top shelf, 4 Hooks and a wall fitting kit - with 2x wall plugs and 2x screws, holes will be already drilled into the unit.


- D I M E N S I O N S - 

Approx 50 x 27 x 10 cm 


- T ' S & C ' S -

- Colours may vary depending on screen used to purchase item

- We do not take responsibility for breakages due to excessive weight being hung onto this item. Suitable for coats / clothing accessories etc. Do not exceed 10kg of weight placed on item.

- The wall fittings given are generic and may not be suitable for specific circumstances / wall materials. 

- We do not take any responsibility for any damage to walls while hanging up this item.