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Wooden Wedding Signpost

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- S I Z E -

Large Post - 1.5m

Small Post - 1m

Arrows - approx 30 x 10cm


- H O W  I T  W O R K S -

  1. Please choose the size of post you would like and the number of arrows.
  2. Both posts come with a stake base to be put into the ground
  3. For this signpost we need some personalisation details, when you reach the check out screen, please input the wording you would like on each arrow.
  4. Please also let us know which way you would like the arrows to point (ie. pointing left / right, as if you were looking at the sign)
  5. Arrows can also come as a rectangle shape with no point, please let us know upon ordering if you would like one of them to be like this.
  6. As standard the post comes in 'Dark Oak' with white lettering (as pictured), this can be changed upon request.


If you aren’t sure on the exact information yet, please send it over to when you are ready.


- N E E D  A  C U S T O M  D E S I G N ? -

No probs! Send us a message over with your ideas and we can come up with another design for you and a quote if needed.


- P R O C E S S I N G  T I M E -

Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for us to complete your order. Please note that during peak summer wedding season our books get extremely full very quickly so if possible please allow more time for this. We do have Emergency Slots if need be if you are last minute for whatever reason!


- T’s & C’s -

  1. Each piece is bespoke and so the aesthetics of your piece may vary slightly due to the nature of the materials used.
  2. We do not take responsibility for any spelling mistakes when the information comes over to us and please note that there may be a charge to change this.
  3. As each sign is handpainted, the lettering and exact design may vary from piece to piece.
  4. Please note we are a small handmade business and each piece is created individually in our little workshop so please be patient with us, it is be much appreciated!
  5. There are no refunds to be given if the relevant information does not come over to us in time to complete the order.